Crochet Baby Dresses - Patterns and Tutorial

General pattern for dress

This is the general pattern for baby dress. Function the age of the baby, you can increase and decrease the stitches according to your need. Pay attention to count the stitches in order to be as per the pattern above. This is for advanced crocheters. Usually, use double crochet stitches in order to be easier for you to count when increasing and decreasing the pattern.

Crochet dress for 2 years-old baby 

Crochet dress for 1 year-old baby

Put the mouse without clicking over each image to see explanations. Left - pattern for 2 years-old baby girl. Right - pattern for 1 year-old baby girl.

Crochet dress for new born baby

Pattern for new born baby girl.

You have below some inspirational baby dresses. If you use Picasa you can see the details. The mechanism of crochet is almost the same.

baby dress 01 baby dress 02

baby dress 03 baby dress 04

baby dress 05 baby dress 06

dress 01

dress 14 dress 05

dress 07 dress 04

dress 03 dress 02

dress 11

dress 12 dress 10

dress 13

dress 17

dress 08

dress 18

dress 00

dress 09 dress 15

dress 16

bolero 01

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