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 Chalanchoe 02

Spring flowers 01 Spring flowers 03

Spring flowers 04 Spring flowers 05

Spring flowers 06 White rose 01

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Some Crochet Ideas

Here I propose some crochet ideas. For those who know how to read diagrams it will be very easy. These are all patterns for advanced crochet.

Crochet box for jewels

This box for jewels is made very easy with half double crochet. First you work the whole box and after that you continue with the partitions and connect them the way you work.

Crochet cake 01 Crochet cake 04

Crochet cakes 02 Crochet cakes 03

You work the cakes and the fruits with single crochet. They are easy to do as long as you know how to crochet some fruits. The arrangement and the colors are your own options.

Crochet dress 01 Crochet dress 02

Crochet dress 03

Crochet grapes Crochet icecream

Crochet lemon Crochet small house

Crochet top 03 Crochet top 00

Crochet top 01 Crochet top 02

Crochet waterelon 02 Crochet watermelon 01



402 Buddha 403 Yellow Rose

424 African Woman 425 Nepalese Man

Zentangle – ink

405 Zentangle Buddha 404 Zentangle Buddha

409 End of Dinosaur 410 Zentangle Night

411 Zentangle Buddha 412 Zentangle Buddha

426 Zentangle African Woman

Ink – brush

406 Landscape 407 Egyptian Woman 408 Boat


414 Chinese Landscape 413 Fish 415 Panda and Bamboo

416 Buddha Statue 417 Gypsy Boy 418 Gypsy Woman

419 Gypsy Girl 420 Chinese Girl 421 Buddhist Woman

422 Sunflowers


423 Chinese Girl

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