Irish Crochet For Tops And Dresses

Irish crochet is a very beautiful technique, very old, but very impressive and modern. There are a lot of applications with this crochet technique. You can use it on skirts, shirts, applications of all kind, tops, and some other crochet pieces for kids. Here you have some ideas. Remember, each flower or motif is worked separately and after that attached as in the below images.

irish crochet violet dress irish crochet blue dress

irish crochet motif

irish crochet poppy top front irish crochet poppy top back

irish crochet poppy top how to 1 irish crochet poppy top how to 2

irish crochet poppy top how to 3 irish crochet poppy top how to 4

irish crochet poppy top how to 5 irish crochet poppy top how to 6

irish crochet shirt

irish crochet shirt how to 1 irish crochet shirt how to 2

irish crochet shirt how to 3 irish crochet shirt how to 4

irish crochet top

irish crochet top how to 1 irish crochet top how to 2

irish crochet tops for kids

Ribbon Embroidery For Tops

Do you have some tops that are too simple to wear? Well, here you have some ideas how to update your tops and how to make them attractive with some ribbon embroidery. You can update skirts, trousers, tops, pullovers, and other old pieces of clothes you care so much about.

ribbon embroidery top 1

ribbon embroidery top 2

ribbon embroidery top 3 ribbon embroidery top 4

ribbon embroidery top 5 ribbon embroidery top 6

ribbon embroidery top 7 ribbon embroidery top 8

ribbon embroidery top 9 ribbon embroidery top 10 ribbon embroidery top 11

Crochet Patterns For Tops

Here you have some beautiful patterns for tops. If you want some other patterns you can visit the following links:

crochet pattern 1 crochet pattern 2

crochet pattern 3

crochet pattern 4

Crochet Bell Edges

crochet bells edges

Crochet Winter Hats

Some patterns for modern winter hats. You have the instructions and the model. You can crochet them for yourself, for your family, for your kids.
Crochet hat 1Crochet hat 2Crochet hat 3
Crochet hat 4Crochet hat 5
Crochet hat 6Crochet hat 7
Crochet hat 8Crochet hat 9

Marvelous Crochet Accessories

I discovered a very nice crochet accessory, namely a necklace, in a Japanese magazine. I am glad to share this with everyone who likes to crochet. You can use all kind of yarns, you can combine the colors, you can innovate and with a little imagination you can use this pattern to create other beautiful accessories to wear.
crochet accesories 1crochet accessories 2crochet accessories pattern

Crochet Winter Dress

This is an easy pattern to crochet a nice winter dress. You can combine different yarns as you like. Use this pattern for your dress or any other pattern below:
crochet pattern winter dresscrochet pattern
And the dress is ready to wear. Good luck with your crochet.
Crochet dress 1Crochet dress 2Crochet dress 3
Crochet dress 4Crochet dress 5

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