If you have dolls, and you like to crochet, here are some ideas. I am sure that your daughters will enjoy this. In the same time, you can teach your daughters to crochet simple stuff for their dolls. It is easy and you will be happy to have handmade stuff.
 crochet doll twocrochet doll threecrochet doll four
crochet doll fivecrochet doll six
crochet doll sevencrochet doll eightcrochet doll nine
crochet doll elevencrochet doll twelvecrochet doll thirteen
crochet doll tencrochet doll sixteencrochet doll fourteen
crochet doll fifteen
crochet doll nineteencrochet doll seventeencrochet doll eighteen
crochet doll nineteencrochet doll twentycrochet doll twenty-one
crochet doll twenty-twocrochet doll twenty-threecrochet doll twenty-four
crochet doll twenty-fivecrochet doll twenty-sixcrochet doll twenty-seven
crochet doll twenty-eightcrochet doll twenty-ninecrochet doll thirty
crochet doll thirty-onecrochet doll thirty-twocrochet doll thirty-three\
crochet doll thirty-fourcrochet doll thirty-fivecrochet doll thirty-nine
crochet doll fourty


This tutorial is especially for Christina Cawley, who wrote me by mail and asked me to explain her how to do it. It is also for all who like to crochet. The pattern is published here:
The stitches you will use are explained here:
You can download the book, it is free, and here you have the explanation of all stitches.
crochet christina This is the diagram of the pattern
crochet This is the pattern
1. Begin with the magic loop (click on each image to see it larger)
crochet onecrochet two
crochet threecrochet four
2. Crochet inside the magic loop *1 puff st (of 2 dc), 5 ch* and repeat from *_* until you have 6 puffs and 5 chains. Crochet 3 ch and 1 dc (your crochet will be right in the middle of the 6th hole of 5 ch).
crochet five
3. Pull the yard and close the magic loop, cut the ending and continue the pattern
crochet six
4. From  where you are with your crochet, you do *1 sc, 7 ch* repeat from *_* in each hole and close with 1 sl st (pay attention to have 1 sc in the middle of each previous hole of 5 ch)
crochet seven
5. In the first sc crochet 3 ch, 1 dc (this will be the first puff of 2 dc) then continue with *5 ch, 1 sc in the middle of the hole of 7 ch, 5 ch, 1 puff st (of 2 dc)* repeat from *_* and close with 1 sl st (pay attention you have 6 puffs (of 2 dc) in each previous sc)
crochet eight
6. In each puff st (of 2 dc) you crochet *3 dc, 2 ch, 1 sc in first hole, 2 ch* repeat from *_* and close with 1 sl st
 crochet nine
7. This is the last row. Crochet in each double crochet *1 puff st (of 3 dc), 5 ch, 1 puff st (of 3 dc), 5 ch, 1 puff st (of 3 dc), 3 ch, 1 sc in first hole, 1 picot (of 5 ch), 3 chains* repeat from *_* and close with 1 sl st.
crochet tencrochet eleven
That is all. Enjoy.
If you need further help and if you have Skype you can contact me there or by mail. I shall give you my Skype ID by e-mail. Hope this is helpful for you, all.

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