Bathroom Crochet Ideas (Seturi de baie croșetate)


Who does not like to spend a long, long time in the bathroom? Well, men usually do cross-words or sudoku during… you know what, or like to read the newspapers while the spouses cook something good for dinner, and shout from time to time: “Will you come out of there today?!

As for the women… well, we like to look in the mirror more than usual, and we use to clean everything in the bathroom, we spend a long time to arrange the towels, to wash small things, to fix something here and there…

I give you some ideas to crochet something very nice for your bathrooms. After the 2nd World War, in the 20th century, women used to spend a long time to crochet such beauties for their bathrooms, presenting to their friends the finished products, which were very appreciated during those times.

Bathroom 01 Bathroom 02

Bathroom 03

Bathroom 04 Bathroom 05

Bathroom 06

the end


432 Buddha 433 Buddha Zentangle

434 Zentangle Flowers 435 Zentangle Forest

436 Zentangle Dream 437 Red Moon

438 Blue Face 439 Owl

440 Fire 441 Spring

442 Autumn Tree 443 Spring Tree

444 Shiva 445 Zentangle Lady

446 Zentangle Bull 447 Zentangle Fruits

448 Apprentince 449 Buddhist Temple

450 Autumn 451 Autumn Flowers

452 White Flowers 453 Zen Flower

454 Zentangle Dog

455 Zentangle Spring Tree

456 Cowboy 457 Gypsy

458 Rose 459 Zentangle Fruits

460 Zentangle Spring 461 Zentangle One

462 Night View 463 Black Lady

464 Countryside 465 Japanese

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