Crochet Spring Flowers

Spring is coming. Yes, yes, it is just middle of February but… still… spring will come finally. Why not making some crochet flowers?

Take a pot, fill it with stones or journal paper and crochet over a kind of hat with some flowers. Whatever comes into your mind. Cactus, bell flowers, spring flowers. Use all available yarns.

All the flowers I made are for my daughter. Hope she will see them and enjoy. I miss her so much…

crochet cactus 01 Crochet cactus 001

crochet cactus 1 Crochet cactus 002

crochet cactus 02 Crochet cactus 003 

crochet cactus 5 crochet cactus 6

crochet cactus 7 crochet cactus 8

crochet cactus 9 Crochet flower pots 2

crochet flowerbells 2 crochet flowerbells 4

crochet flowers 1 crochet flowers 4

crochet flowers in pots 3 crochet roses 1

crochet roses 2 crochet roses 4

crochet roses 5 crochet roses 10

crochet roses 6 crochet roses 7

crochet roses 8 crochet roses 9

crochet violets 1 crochet violets 4

crochet violets 5 crochet violets 8

spring flower 01 spring flowers 01

spring flowers 02

spring flowers 03 spring flowers 04

spring flowers 05 spring flowers 06

spring flowers 07 spring flowers 08

spring flowers 09 spring flowers 10


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