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Back to work!

Finally, the New Year's Eve is history. The year 2016 is coming with bad and good news for all the world. Waiting for the change of the Chinese Year - which will happen in February - and hoping the Monkey (metal) will not be so tricky, we try to do our best to survive.

My Poinsettia 01

My Poinsettia 02 My Poinsettia 03

My Poinsettia 04 My Poinsettia 05

Another year, some other hundreads of challenges. Well, wear something red all along this year, be good, and do what is right. Admire what is beautiful, turn your back to gossips and follow your instinct as regards your own behavior and life.

The Monkey occupies the 9th position on the Chinese Zodiac, and possesses a special character: curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Monkeys are the masters of the jokes and even their intentions are always good, the desire to be a prankster has a tendency to create ill will and to hurt feelings.

My Poinsettia 06

Famous Monkeys: Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Danny De Vito, Don King, Venus Williams, Bob Marley, Daniel Craig, Christina Aguilera, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Michael Douglas, Kylie Minogue, Mia Farrow, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley, Bette Davis…


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